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Centrally Organised Advertising Marketing And Promotion

Advertising Marketing And Promotion Centrally Organised By Birmingham Driving School

Birmingham Driving School operates with various business names, all with their own websites.

The purpose is to attract business from different geographic areas, or customers with specific requirements e.g. Intensive Driving Courses or Advanced Driving.

These websites rank highly on search engines and attract a considerable number of visitors, helping to attract new clients in need of driver training.

Sister Company Websites Of Birmingham Driving School

All Driver and Instructor Training

West Midlands Driving Schools

Automatic Driving Schools

Female Driving Schools

Intensive Driver Training Schools

Advanced Driver Training

Driving Instructor Training

Driving For Work

On Line Advertising

In addition to their very high natural ranking on search engines such as Google these websites are promoted and advertised on numerous online directories. They are also at times promoted by paid for advertising on Google and Facebook.

Other Advertising

Our websites and on line advertising is very successful, but we periodically supplement it with other advertising, as the opportunity or necessity arises.

Special Offers & Promotions

The purpose of any special offer is not just to be nice to our customers

Introductory Offers Or Discounts

A special offer that gives the customer something straight away, such as a discount on the initial lessons is there to attract them in the first place, and get them to try us.

Whether they continue as a customer is dependent on the experience they have with us on their initial lessons.

If everything about the experience is positive, professional, interesting, educational, enjoyable, they are likely to remain a customer.

If there are any negatives about the experience, they are likely to take the offer and go elsewhere.

What these offers do is give us an opportunity for the customer to see what we can deliver.

Deliver something good; and we have a customer.

Deliver something poor and we have given something away for no gain.

Delayed Offers Or Discounts

A special offer that gives the customer something at the end of a course is still designed to attract customers, but the customer only “collects” after they have completed a course of lessons, and they have spent their money with us.

This means that an offer of this type usually has to be of higher value to act as an incentive for the customer to stay.

The advantage from a business point of view is that we are only giving something away to a customer that has already spent their money with us, rather than speculating that if we give them something up front they might stay.

We still need to retain the customer so everything about the experience still has to be positive, professional, interesting, educational, enjoyable.

We run various offers or promotions to attract or retain customers, these offers can vary periodically

Current Offers

Introductory Offers

Delayed Offers

Localised Advertising & Marketing For Use By Individual ADIs

Birmingham Driving School can supply driving instructors with various items that can help you to market yourself and Birmingham Driving School

Car Advertising

Poster Advertising

Networking Family and Friends

Birmingham Driving School Stationery

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