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Franchisee Or Independent Driving Instructor

Independent Driving Instructor Or Franchisee

If a Driving Instructor needs to generate some of their own work then why not just be independent?

The benefits of a Franchise are that you can get help, advice, and support from the Franchisor.

The Driving School will also be able to advertise much more extensively than you could independently.

The Driving School can run offers and promotions that generate more work, but are subsidised either wholly or partly by the Driving School, if you are independent you bear the full cost of any offer or promotion.

By trading under an established name you have more credibility than being one of thousands of one person businesses.

Why should a customer choose ‘Mary’s Driving School’ and not ‘Susan’s Driving School’ or ‘John’s driving School’?

Instead, why not promote yourself as an individual that is part of a larger more established Driving School.

If you are promoting yourself and your Franchise locally or personally, then you are adding to established and extensive advertising and promotion.

Working independently there is also the practical difficulty of answering the phone to prospective new customers, this can often be dealt with centrally by the Driving School when working as a Franchisee.

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