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Thinking Like An Employee Or A Franchisee

Thinking Like A Driving School Franchisee Or An Employee

Employee Or Driving Instructor Franchisee Running A Business?

A Driving Instructor working with a Driving School who thinks and behaves like an employee or a Sub Contractor will often find themselves short of work.

This is because they are relying only on the central advertising, marketing and promotion that the Driving School is able to provide.

A Driving Instructor that simply treats the Driving School as an agency to provide clients, is thinking too much like an employee, and not really thinking about running a business.

A Driving Instructor working with a Driving School who behaves as a Franchisee, running their own business, will often have far more work.

This is because they can take advantage of the central advertising and marketing that the Driving School can provide, but in addition they can supplement it by generating extra work, using the name, image, and reputation of the Driving School amongst their own friends, family and other contacts.

A Franchisee thinking of ‘business’ instead of ‘work’ may also think more about retaining customers, selling more to customers, providing customers with the solution to their needs, and working towards generating recommendations, all of which can result in a more successful business.


Driving Instructors whose diaries are very busy are generally thinking and operating like a Franchisee running their own business.

Some of their work is coming from centrally organised advertising and marketing.

Some of their work is from recommendations or other self generated methods using the name of The Driving School.

Their diaries are usually very busy, and are often booked up several weeks ahead.


Some Driving Instructors appear to try to work more like an employee, relying solely on the work generated by centrally organised marketing, and they appear to rarely get recommendations.

Their diaries are often not as busy as they would like them to be.


Many Driving Instructors have the view that the way a driving school franchise should work, is that they are supplied with all the work they could need by the driving school, and all they have to do is pay a fee for that service, they are acting like an employee, not someone involved in running a business.

Some Driving Schools appear to promote this same idea in their advertising to recruit driving instructors, making it sound like all that you have to do is sign on the dotted line and you will instantly have your own thriving business. But it is often a different story when you read the contract, and sometimes the reality is that the driving school does nothing but provide a trading name.

This is not how a franchise agreement should work

Franchises exist in many different types of business, and many well known companies are run as franchises, including hotels, restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, car hire, gyms, and many high street retail shops.

They operate successfully by the franchisor providing the business model; experience; expertise; and helping to generate some of the customers.

The franchisees role is to run their own business using the model provided, but also to take responsibility for helping to generate new customers, and to keep existing customers happy.

The Franchisor, and the Franchisee are working together as a team to make the business successful for both of them.

The Busiest Driving Instructors

The busiest driving instructors have some clients generated from centrally organised advertising.

They also have some clients generated as a result of recommendations.

They may also have some clients generated as a result of localised advertising.

They also have some clients generated as a result of their network of family, friends, and other contacts.

They are using the name and reputation of The Driving School to help them to continually generate new clients, and always take advantage of any opportunity.

They lose very few customers, retaining the majority all the way through to their driving test.

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